Saturday, April 30


After all the hype and talk and noise about the up and coming royal wedding (I wonder, who actually buys all of that stuff with Will and Kate's faces on it... mugs, tea towels, pen's...) I must say I was blown away! Blown away by the feeling of getting a view into a loving couple's private celebration rather than a big media event. Blown away by the Middleton family's calmness and style (especially Kate's brother, how well he spoke in Westminster Abbey); the royal family's relaxed, happy and humble appearance and, above all, by Will and Kate - or shall I say Cathrine - she looked absolutely stunning, calm and graceful in her vintage styled Alexander McQueen dress by Sarah Burton. I enjoyed the whole viewing immensely!

.. and Kate's second dress was stunning too!

I was especially enjoying seeing Swedish crown princess Victoria and her newly wedded husband (and commoner:-) Daniel, duke of Vastergotland. And as at their wedding, you can always count on Daniel wearing a stylish pair of glasses! (I think, a great accessesory for the men, when women embellish themselves with jewelry, fascinators and other accessories). Victoria looked beautiful in a peachy dress showing off her womanly, healthy figure!

Another one with a pair of spectacles as a signature is Sir Elton John - together with his partner David Furnish.

..And, unlike many others judging by various comments, I actually really really liked Victoria's outfit. I think she looked ravishing and very sophisticated in royal blue and big belly!

Photos by ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Tuesday, April 19


I just have to share with you all that I got soooo inspired the last two nights while watching the series Paper Giants - the birth of Cleo - at ABC. It not only gave me a huge desire to travel back in time to the seventies and frock up in all of these A-MA-ZING outfits; enjoy an era of change and optimism and revolutionize a little bit - it also gave me a fantastic insight to the Australian media history (being fairly new to this country and all..:-). I mean, what an extraordinary story, extraordinary people and even more extraordinarily exciting opportunities and battles between the media dynasty's.. And wow, Ita Buttrose - I am soo super impressed. What an extraordinary woman. I want to be like her. As you can probably read between the lines... I am quite overwhelmed and filled with inspiration. 5 stars from me to the production, the styling and especially Asher Keddie who gave an amazing portrait of Ita.

Ps. Also, a little cute thing... the sweet lady next to Asher / Ita in the photo above (can't remember the name of the character) - anyway, she looks just like my little mum looked in the seventies... Mamma - kan du inte skicka mig en bild pa lilla sota dig nar du hade luggen. Sa himlans gulligt och jag saknade dig extra mycket framfor TVn.... stor kraaaam

Anyway - a little treat for the day, as I've given it a 70s theme... classic 70s styled sunnies:

Sunglasses (Sun RX suitable for prescription lenses) from Specsavers.

Monday, April 18


Kendyl and Nadia in their ALEX PERRY aviators (AP8) with tinted lenses.

Tuesday, April 12


Fernando is one of the guys who has got a chance of winning the Spectacle Wearer of the year 2011 and I would definitely vote for him. I looooooove his style! And, apparently, his glasses have traveled all the way from Miami Beach in Florida were they were found after a long search for the right pair. I like!


Check it out - New Zealand cricketer Daniel Vettori in a stylish, new look!

Revered sportsman, national bespectacled icon and sexiest cricketer in the world, Daniel reveals a rarely seen side of himself in a hot new photo shoot for the Daniel Vettori Selection at Specsavers.

The naturally understated Daniel gives way the many sides of his personality as he shows off upcoming frames for the Daniel Vettori Selection.

Daniel's first choice is the sleek, sophisticated style specs whilst the bold frames in dark hues or colour accents give his laid back looks an edge.

Daniel wearing a checked shirt together with Specsavers glasses Milo (24861878, NZD $369 for two pairs)

Debonoir for a formal occasion, Daniel couples the bold black S Toby (24834353, NZD $239 for two pairs) frame with a black slim-cut suit, crisp shirt and skinny tie - nothing short of 'Rat Pack' delectable.

... and a subtle, effortless style with Tommy Hilfiger Spectacles (TH 26, 25142525, NZD $439 for two pairs) - with the retro style 'half eyes" frame (top half acetate, bottom half metal).

Monday, April 11


Kendyl looking lovely in Moroccan brass bangles, Blue / white patterned Karen Walker dress and Alex Perry glasses (AP 11) in tortoise shell and gold ruffles on the sides.

Wednesday, April 6


My friend Rachael just sent me this gorgeous photo of her little cousin Paige. Hanging out in her lounge room, surrounded by all colour coordinated accessories; check out her lovely scarfe, her very pretty dress, her watch - and her absolutely vintage chic pair of glasses, courtesy of her late great grandmother Joy. Now, I've been told these are part of a the renowned dress up box... well, I can only say that Id like to see more of it! Beautiful Paige, you made my day!

Pernilla xx

Tuesday, April 5


Found this lovely lady, Joanna, in Make up Store, Ahlens, when I was home in Gothenburg a couple of weeks ago. She look so cool in her short hair, her pink lips and shiny silver frames... The glasses are from Efva Attling, Swedish jewelry designer.

Monday, April 4


Another super stylish Spectacle wearer is Phoebe from st Kilda, Melbourne. O looooooove her glasses, her style, her hair, the photo... she is simply stunning! And, her dog looks super cute... wonder if he would come with her to New York if she win's the grand prize in Spectacle wearer of the year competition 2011? I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you! :)

Sunday, April 3


I went from blond to brown - and short to long... in just a snap:-)

Had a looong girly Saturday with lot's of shopping and brunch and lunch and coffeas and more shopping and fun. All in the mood, we past the wig shop on Chapel st and went in to try - just for fun. There were wigs all over the place, on and off 5 giggly girls heads. However, Gemma and Me looked quite cool in our 60 cm long wigs so we ended up not only buying them but also wearing them for the rest of the day. Ha ha (Its scary, it does make you feel like a completely different person... )

So, the beautiful dinner at Ichi Ni was enjoyed inside a looong, dark, shiny "I have grown it all my life" wig. I must say, Gemma looked stunning in her ginger curly one. And the glasses:-)

...And this is when it all started. I think even the ladies in the wig shop was surprised we got them in the end:-)


New Animal Sun Collection in store now. Get your prescription in 2 of these from $249 (2 pairs at Specsavers).

Friday, April 1


The one and only fashion competition for Specs-wearers, "Spectacle wearer of the Year 2011", is on and there are some stunning looking candidates already a week since it opened for entries! And no wonder when the grand price is an exclusive photoshoot with superstar Helena Christensen and a trip to New York!

One of my absolute favorites are Miann from Queensland. Loving her quirky style with red lips, stripes, long hair and especially the king sized two-tone acetate glasses! I'll be cheering for you Miss Miann!