Tuesday, April 12


Check it out - New Zealand cricketer Daniel Vettori in a stylish, new look!

Revered sportsman, national bespectacled icon and sexiest cricketer in the world, Daniel reveals a rarely seen side of himself in a hot new photo shoot for the Daniel Vettori Selection at Specsavers.

The naturally understated Daniel gives way the many sides of his personality as he shows off upcoming frames for the Daniel Vettori Selection.

Daniel's first choice is the sleek, sophisticated style specs whilst the bold frames in dark hues or colour accents give his laid back looks an edge.

Daniel wearing a checked shirt together with Specsavers glasses Milo (24861878, NZD $369 for two pairs)

Debonoir for a formal occasion, Daniel couples the bold black S Toby (24834353, NZD $239 for two pairs) frame with a black slim-cut suit, crisp shirt and skinny tie - nothing short of 'Rat Pack' delectable.

... and a subtle, effortless style with Tommy Hilfiger Spectacles (TH 26, 25142525, NZD $439 for two pairs) - with the retro style 'half eyes" frame (top half acetate, bottom half metal).


  1. Looking Even Hotter! LOVE IT

  2. You make me wanna just melt in your arms I LOVE YOU DANIEL VETTORI!!!!!!!

  3. you are truly gods best creation, seeing u makes me happy all the time

  4. Murray Duwhurst looks like Dan