Monday, February 28


Alex & the gorgeous Alyssa Sutherland at the shoot for the new eyewear collection.
Photographer: Georges Antoni

AP 17 Black acetate frame with big diamante

Photography by Liz Attia

Today is the day we've all been waiting for! The Alex Perry Eyewear collection is launching in all Specsavers stores in Australia and New Zealand. 21 stunning pieces for every woman who wants to get real eyewear glamour! And the best thing is, you get 2 pairs from only AUD199 / NZD 299! Check out the full collection here

Lots of love / p xx

Psst. My absolute favorite is the glamorous aviator style AP 08 in nude and silver with stunning stone embellishments on the sides... which one is yours?
Moi and Liz with the lovely Alex during the shoot of the campaign images and the TV commercial. Talanted Mr Antoni was the man behind the camera here as well:-)

Thursday, February 24


Photography by Liz Attia

Just writing my last sentences on Australian ground as I'm about to take off for Europe. Going over for MIDO - the European Eyewear trade show in Milano with Specsavers buying team. Will be exciting to check out the latest and new in eyewear fashion as well as catching up with everyone again. After that im going to Specsavers head office and a few meetings in London. Will try to keep you updated on my discoverings on the way as I go - it is still winter over there so be mindful that any people I might frame and post for you are likely to be properly wrapped in gloves, hats and wollen scarves and jackets - including me. (Psst. As I need to make sure I don't get a nasty cold or something I just HAD to buy a new, warm pair of boots before I left... found these stunning ones in Country Road... green. Me like very much!)

And - I have managed to squeeze in a visit to my dear hometown Gothenburg over the weekend - really really can't wait to see my family and friends.


Clip from the launch of Alex Perry in Sydney the other week including interviews with Alex himself, Charlotte Dawson, Kerri-Anne Kennerley... and moi:-)

Wednesday, February 23


A few more snazzy shots of Simone... Loving the massive black sunglasses and red lips combo!

Tuesday, February 22


The new Alex Perry range contains stunning pieces with beautiful colours, shapes and embellishments. The main themes offer a variety of subtle colours and sparkles in nude, jet blacks and deep, sweet winter pink's.

AP 07, AP 10 & AP 11

AP 10, AP 09 & AP 08

AP 18, AP 03 & AP 06

Monday, February 21


Beautiful Simone from my photography course. Her cool vintage specs are her late grandfathers that she has put her own prescription lenses into. Such a nice thing to do I think and now she always carries a bit of him!

Monday, February 14


Pre-view behind the scenes of the making of our TV ad for Alex Perry.


All images by Darren Leigh Roberts

Thanks everyone who attended the dazzling event when Alex Perry launched his new eyewear collection for Specsavers last week, high tea style. Luxe studios in Sydney was buzzing with excitement when Australia's top fashion media was given a sneak peak of the glasses. The collection was presented via a series of three live installations that brought to life the design cues behind the range and features gorgeous models wearing the fabulous glasses.

Alex greeted the guest before taking them on a guided tour. The first installation featured models wearing the femme fatale frames a'la Mad Men's Betty Draper. Alex then diverted our attention to a green jeep and "everyday glamour" with models sporting a touch of military chic, subtle sparkles and nude colours. The spotlight then swept over to the red carpet (above) where the models exuded the dazzling glamour of evening wear.

Two of the excited minglers in the crowd was beautiful Kerri-Anne Kennerly and Australia's next top model judge Charlotte Dawson, both cheering the opportunities with wearing glasses as a style statement.

To me, it was a true delight to finally get to tell the world about what we have been working on for over a year with Alex. I almost felt a bit sentimental while doing my little speak next to Alex. The glasses are truly stunning and I can't wait to see it worn by stylish people out there! The collection will be available in all Specsavers stores in Australia and New Zealand from Monday 28th of February.

Charlotte Dawson

From left: Judi Hausmann from Hausmann Communications, Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Liz Attia (Specsavers Marketing Manager), Moi and Peter Larsen (Specsavers MD).

Friday, February 11


Photographer: Georges Antoni

Finally, I can share the news with you that Specsavers is launching the very first eyewear collection together with Australia’s leading and most glamorous fashion designer Alex Perry. The glasses are exclusively designed for Specsavers and having had the pleasure of working with Alex in creating this fantastic eyewear range, it is great to see it finally coming together.

The range contains daring, outgoing styles for red carpet moments, as well as subtle yet sophisticated looks for everyday wear. Designed around three different themes, the range includes: black with winter pinks and shimmering crystals; dazzling diamantes on black and silver; and, trend setting nudes and browns.
“When designing this range, I wanted to illustrate that women who wear specs are sexy. The collection is aimed at fashion confident and adventurous spec wearers. As always, I love making women look and feel absolutely stunning and this range achieves that without the price tag to match", Alex says.

With specs fast becoming the must have fashion accessory, each frame in the vibrant Alex Perry range has been designed as an individual statement piece, crafted to suit a range of ages and face shapes. The result is a glamorous, ultra-feminine collection featuring striking colours and materials with fine detailing and delicately crafted finishes. The eyewear range carries a variety of luxurious, eye-catching pieces, making every wearer express real Femme Fatale qualities. Just like anything else touched by Alex Perry's immaculate attention to detail, the frames are intended to make a statement.

“Designed to be seen, daringly bold, sophisticated and chic not only describe the range but also the women who wear it. This eyewear collection offers an inexpensive yet glamorous option for women who want to express their femininity, strength and sensuality,” Alex continues.
The stunning Alex Perry designed for Specsavers collection will be available exclusively in Specsavers stores across Australia & New Zealand from the 28th February 2011. The retail price is two pairs from only $199AUS, including standard single vision PENTAX lenses. Now everyone can afford a bit of Alex Perry glamour in their life:-)
More details from the dazzling media event yesterday to come...

Love P x

Thursday, February 10


Something terribly exciting is about to be revealed.. something we've been working on for a while. Not long... will be back soon to tell you what it is! Now - off to Sydney to pull the curtain. Tjingeling x