Monday, February 14


All images by Darren Leigh Roberts

Thanks everyone who attended the dazzling event when Alex Perry launched his new eyewear collection for Specsavers last week, high tea style. Luxe studios in Sydney was buzzing with excitement when Australia's top fashion media was given a sneak peak of the glasses. The collection was presented via a series of three live installations that brought to life the design cues behind the range and features gorgeous models wearing the fabulous glasses.

Alex greeted the guest before taking them on a guided tour. The first installation featured models wearing the femme fatale frames a'la Mad Men's Betty Draper. Alex then diverted our attention to a green jeep and "everyday glamour" with models sporting a touch of military chic, subtle sparkles and nude colours. The spotlight then swept over to the red carpet (above) where the models exuded the dazzling glamour of evening wear.

Two of the excited minglers in the crowd was beautiful Kerri-Anne Kennerly and Australia's next top model judge Charlotte Dawson, both cheering the opportunities with wearing glasses as a style statement.

To me, it was a true delight to finally get to tell the world about what we have been working on for over a year with Alex. I almost felt a bit sentimental while doing my little speak next to Alex. The glasses are truly stunning and I can't wait to see it worn by stylish people out there! The collection will be available in all Specsavers stores in Australia and New Zealand from Monday 28th of February.

Charlotte Dawson

From left: Judi Hausmann from Hausmann Communications, Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Liz Attia (Specsavers Marketing Manager), Moi and Peter Larsen (Specsavers MD).

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