Wednesday, January 19


So, my previous post about specs chains prompted Kat, (my "HK correspondent":-) to send me this awesome link to a Korean eyewear company... the cool thing is that there are several photos of this gorgeous girl sporting super snazzy chains with her nice glasses (worth scrolling down on the page as well). Take a look for yourselves... thanks Kat!

Monday, January 17


The ones who wear glasses cords today do it for everything but the practical reasons. Cords and chains in many different executions and designs have been spotted both on the catwalk and on the street as the hot detail at the moment. It’s all about the accessories and a colourful, sparkling or bold specs chain attached to your frames can give exciting effects to your look. There are heaps of variations of stylish ones out there but you can also do it yourself.

The lovely Jennifer never stop inspiring me with her stylish self and this time she shares her creations of specs chains and cords – all designed to suit a specific pair of frames in her specs wardrobe.

She says: “The ones with granny turquoise and gold beads and the lurid orange wooden beads are both op-shop finds - a couple of rubber loops stitched on to the end of the fixings and a spec chain is born”.

“I have this pale blue frame from a million years ago and a long single strand of pearls that ends in a jingly tassel. Of course, they had to be put together. So, I wrapped the tassel part of the pearls over the top of the frame and fastened it with some stretchy thread. I end up with a super long pearl spec chain and the jingly jangly pearls at the front feel a little bit special. This one is most definitely not for the faint hearted, though. It gets a lot of attention”.

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna make my own now... stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 11


Wow! Check this out! During last weekends stay in Sydney with my darling friend Charlotta, coming all the way from Sweden, we managed to do a lot of nice stuff such as lying on the beach, eating a delicious meal at North Bondi Italian (food was exceptional and so was the waiters) a cheeky pizza and wine by the pool and a cocktail later on at the Ivy and - of course some great shopping. It was in my new favorite boutique - Born in June - on 64 Oxford st in Paddington, where I found this awesome piece of furniture.. or art... or what ever it is. A table shaped like a pair of glasses. It looked awesome standing up as well but once flat on the floor, you put a piece of glass onto it and its the coolest coffea table. I want!