Sunday, October 23


Me and the lovely Isabelle who was modelling the Gok Wan glasses for me during our Frame Styling tour in Sydney the other day. She looked absolutely stunning in every single pair of them which made my job very easy:-) Plus - she was a dream to work with. Thanks Isabelle for a really nice day!

In this photo (sorry about the quality, just had my little iPod touch with me), Isabelle is wearing the masculine 60s style GW 18 in brown with striped wooden effect acetate - looks awesome with casual wear and jeans but also real cool with a more glamorous outfit and bright red lipstick!

GW 01 and GW 12

GW 18 & GW 14 in Mustard Tips!! Will look awesome with navy blue outfit...

Everyones favorite - GW 04 Black cat's eye

GW 18 with tinted lenses - perfect as sunglasses!

Hairstylist Michael was giving everyone Retro hair for the day to go with the glasses....

... and he even found a pair himself! GW 16 in black flat sheet metal

... and again, every girls favorite was the GW 04 in black or Ivory!

Lovely Make up artist Alison found her favorite too in the ivory GW 04 and she complemented my 50s style hair, by Michael, and GW 02 Ivory white with a bright orange lipstick (Morange by M.A.C)! Loved it, thanks!

And, in case anyone is wondering about my beautiful new purchase in the shape of a gorgeous, flowery silk jacket / blouse - it's from Winter Kate!

Saturday, October 22


Couldn't resist sharing this wonderful bit of car-fashion. A little Fiat 500 with eyelashes... wouldn't that be something for my little Micra? Should find a pair of sunglasses to go with as well in time for the Melbourne summer... ha ha

Friday, October 21


Just had lunch @ The Pier, Port Melbourne, with the lovely Josh Steele - Kiwi winner of 2011's Spectacle Wearer of the Year to start of his Melbourne Weekend prize of races, shopping and fun.

So nice to see you again Josh and have a brilliant weekend! xxx

Ps. If you are wondering why my eyes look so small and puffy, it's because not only spring has arrived in Melbourne but also the lovely, wonderfully pleasant pollen!!! I am about to scratch my eyes out, it is HORRIBLE. I just want to cry... so, a little but of advice for those of you in the same situation like me: Wear your glasses instead of Contact Lenses! And if the sun comes out, why don't you get a tint or transition lenses in your prescription glasses to still look snazzy under the sun and in a cloud of pollen... there are plenty of frames also suitable as sunglasses...

Ps 2. Josh is wearing his new Grenville glasses and I am in my black GW 02.

Thursday, October 20


My new, favorite Gok Wan's - GW02 in ivory white. I looove. I wouldn't normally go for white "in your face" but because they are ivory, I actually think they work well with my complexion. And, my new green dress from Veronica Maine created great contrast with ivory glasses, belt and coral (morange) lipstick from MaxFactor. (Thanks Rachael for recommending:-)

Below some mingle photos from the GW launch event and Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards in Auckland...

Everyone waiting for the show to begin at the beautiful Generator Room in Stanbeth House, Britomart.

Simon, me, Denise L'Estrange - Corbet, Colin Mathura - Jeffree & Graeme Edmonds

Me & Denise...

Heather getting her hair done at CutAbove hairsalon.

Greg Dyer, Daniel Vettori's Agent with Simon Hawkins, Specsavers marketing director.

Colin, Winner Josh Steele & Denise

Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2011 finalists.

Me, Graeme Edmond, MD Specsavers New Zealand & Heather Potter, Specsavers Head of PR

Wednesday, October 19


Check out these new cuties from Red or Dead! I love, love , love...
50s style cat's eyes in translucent red with gorgeous flower pattern on temples (RoD 76) and in jet black (RoD 77) - which I'm considering for myself in this very moment...

Wednesday, October 12


The GW18 from the Gok Wan Collection look great as sunglasses, don't you think? This is me, at the viaduct in Auckland harbour, looking snazzy in the black GW 18 with tinted, grey lenses. My favorites at the moment!

Tuesday, October 11


This series of frames with beautiful speckles of blue, brown, green, yellow and pink is a true masterpiece. Especially when caught by the light, the mottled acetate creates the most stunning effects. They come in two different styles, both with key hole bridge; one rectangular version (GW12) and the other one with a rounded shape (GW09).

GW02 comes in satin black, warm grey and ivory white and is one of my favorites with its contemporary shape - but still with a vintage feel to it - slightly rounded edges but intricate arm decor which really captures the characteristics of the early 1900s Art Deco.

GW18 and GW08 in bold acetate with striped wooden effects in black, light brown and charcoal grey and the iconic keyhole bridge, a'la 60s Mad Men style!

GW14 - Bold, rectangular acetate in traditional tortoiseshell and mustard yellow for those who are looking for something a little different...

GW13 - Iconic aviator, 70s style, in jet black and navy blue / warm grey acetate!

GW04 - the iconic 50s Cat's Eyes! Ultra-feminine and a real statement piece in matte, wooden black and ivory white.

GW 17 - beautiful, feminine with Art deco arms

GW07 - soft, feminine shape

GW01 - feminine, angular