Tuesday, October 11


This series of frames with beautiful speckles of blue, brown, green, yellow and pink is a true masterpiece. Especially when caught by the light, the mottled acetate creates the most stunning effects. They come in two different styles, both with key hole bridge; one rectangular version (GW12) and the other one with a rounded shape (GW09).

GW02 comes in satin black, warm grey and ivory white and is one of my favorites with its contemporary shape - but still with a vintage feel to it - slightly rounded edges but intricate arm decor which really captures the characteristics of the early 1900s Art Deco.

GW18 and GW08 in bold acetate with striped wooden effects in black, light brown and charcoal grey and the iconic keyhole bridge, a'la 60s Mad Men style!

GW14 - Bold, rectangular acetate in traditional tortoiseshell and mustard yellow for those who are looking for something a little different...

GW13 - Iconic aviator, 70s style, in jet black and navy blue / warm grey acetate!

GW04 - the iconic 50s Cat's Eyes! Ultra-feminine and a real statement piece in matte, wooden black and ivory white.

GW 17 - beautiful, feminine with Art deco arms

GW07 - soft, feminine shape

GW01 - feminine, angular

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