Friday, June 27


SATC-girls are reveling in wonderful clothes, shoes and accessories but never have we seen glasses on the scene. Until now! In SATC - the movie we will see Carrie in Mr Bigs reading glasses but I really hope she´ll get a taste for the style marker so that we´ll get more of it. She looks awesome in black acetate.


Ray Ban´s Wayfarer is just as hot this season as the last... maybee even hotter... On the streets you see the old classic from the 40ies on each and every nose. And there is a lot of good rip-offs out there as well...

Buy the original for 1300 SEK or save loads when you buy the copy from 130 SEK instead. Haga Eyewear (model 39.0321.20).


Style advice; place real prescription glass in your favorite sunglasses. Just make sure they are not too curved since that can make it difficult in the glazing process). Also, if you like to still wear them in the sun you can put reaction lenses in them - which makes them darker in sunlight. That is what I´ve done to my Ray Bans (model 3025) aviator - real cool and rocky style with leather jacket worn with them.

Thursday, June 26


Check out how cool graphic designer colleague Hanna looks in her new Hilfiger glasses. We like!


Red or Dead was founded by Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway in the early 80ies. They had no money and started off as selling clothes from their own wardrobes at Camden Market in London. The rest is history!

Red or Dead have never been a traditional fashionbrand. The philosophy have always been not to spend to much money on expensive brands, rather being creative and create a personal style. Fashion and design is for everyone - not just for the rich and wealthy. It should´nt either be taken too seriously, it´s about having fun!

During last years grand final of Specswearer of the Year in London I met Red or Deads colorful creative director, Katie Greenyer. As a teenager she went to Paris and started to design textiles for Christian Lacroix. She´s now been with Red or Dead since middle 90-ies. Katie is a wonderfully warm, inspiring and enthusiastic person with mad red hair and matching lipstick - and she looooves colors and interesting color combinations in her design. A designer who lives as she learn!

Tuesday, June 24


None could have missed Margerita Missonis way towards a new style icon – always dressed in Missoni. One day she´s on front row, next day she´s one of the worlds best dressed women. She´s the grandchild of the founder of Fashion house Missoni, known for it´s beautiful patterns and color combinations. At Specsavers you can now find a nice collection of Missoni- frames... which I will come back to asap.

Monday, June 16


Last week I was invited to Mix Megapol to talk about specs trends and other stuff re our in-your-face fashion accessory with Pär and Malin. Listen to the clip´s here and here and here and here.


...were posing for the camera to enter the Specswearer of the year competition. And, is´nt she a cool specswearer?!

Wednesday, June 11


We joined Nöjesguiden during one of their mingle evenings at Uppåt & Framåt. Our frames hanging from the ceiling was a desired entertainment for the guests and many new specs-fetishists were born that night!