Wednesday, March 31


DJ Rob wearing Jasper Conran (24876711) while pumping up the volume to the sound of his Indie and electronic records.

Monday, March 29


Last weeks big party did not leave anyone looking for a visual kick unsatisfied. Leading PR-agency OpenHaus celebrated their 20th anniversary Japanese Style with fabulous accessories, decorations, costumes, food and people. Thanks everyone at OpenHaus for a spectacular evening!

I went for Japanese elegante' in black and white silk dress, green make up (by Heather), black geisha wig with green butterfly and flower as well as my own couture glasses. And this is how I pimped my specs for the occasion:

With one of my beautiful Pilgrim earings worn properly in the right ear, I attached the other one on the left temple of my glasses using a transparent piece of fishing line, wrapped around the arm. Voila! I recon you could make pretty spectacular creations yourself for the glamorous occasions, using sparkles and glue.

During the evening I managed to frame some cool specs wearers, and first 3 men in a row, wearing black and squared frames with their outfits. First out is qute Leroy NGuyen from the camera crew of the evening.

Bridal designer and style expert Henry Roth looked fabulous as always in his pair of specs.

Specs wearing Interior designer Scott Weston wore his pair as a great contrast to all colours and patterns in his surroundings.

Anthony and Mark went for window glass and bold Wayfarer style with their ninja costumes.

...and king-size grande by Bridget.

Kareoke manager and Nicholas in his black specs.

H.R. Hiranand looked so smart in his stripy shirt, black suit, hat and slick black frames.


Lately I've started to open my eyes and ears up a bit more for Lady GaGa. She is really a creative genius. Fabulous outfits, music videos and exciting new tunes. House of GaGa also seem to be pretty ahead in signing up new, up and coming artists as well which is pretty interesting. When I got given tickets to her Tuesday Melbourne show the other week I went there with excitement and thrill. I left with a truly, madly and deeply fascination for and admire of this singing / dancing / writing / performing / creating / entertaining 23-year old. I was completely blown away. What a show, what a spectacle!

Also thought I'd share with you some of the great eyewear spotted in a few of her many different costumes. How about the upgrade of the famous "Swarovsky shutter shade" especially designed for Kanye West by Alain Mikli: In deep purple, completely covered of sparkles and an exact match with the jumpsuit. I wonder how well she could see through them though.... Same goes for the fabulous creation - spider style - that I would looove to see in the next batman film. (if there is one...)

The only think missing to complete this "top to toe leopard costume" is a pair of leopard print frames... Like the ones from Red or dead!

Friday, March 26


Voila! Editor-Emma has been framed for Specsavers Internal Staff Magazine. Wearing Osiris, black and white.

Wednesday, March 24


The other day I was having Emma photographed for Specsavers Internal Staff Magazine as she has just taken over as the Editor. All good until the lovely Rachel turned up. A bit distracted by the lovely ladies together and of course Rachel's new geek chic grandpa glasses and fabulous vintage dress by Diane Fries. (so ab fab I need to include the photos in colour as well)

Monday, March 22


So, took the opportunity to get my sister framed as well during her stay with me here in Melbourne. She loves big, bold, funky sunglasses and this particular pair is found in a vintage shop. Go for a hunt if you like old-styled shades as there are some fabulous ones around... just make sure they have good UV protection!!!

Saturday, March 20


The Friday Jeans West fashion show (part of the Loreal Fashion Festival 2010) gave lots of inspiration for the coming season with both casual and dressy jeans wear. My personal favorite was the laced stockings back on the catwalk.

To my satisfaction one stylish model walked the fashion wearing a really cool pair of specs - Harry Potter style. Hoping to see more in the future 'cause what is a better style indicator for the season than the one you wear right in your face!

The most spectacular, colourful and sparkling specswearer this evening was still Karen Webster, Director of L'OrealMelbourne Fashion Week Festival, seated on front row. I sat just behind her (this image is a photograph from The Herald Sun, 21st of March, by Tony Gough) and really wanted to complement her style but she was a very wanted woman, meeting and greeting all the visiting fashionistas of the show. Hope Ill get the chance to meet her properly one day to have a chat about her specs...

Friday, March 19


When you buy a pair of glasses from AUD $179 / NZ $249 you get a second pair for one price and why not make them a Sunglass pair. My mum - Carina - got hers back home in Sweden but they can be found in all Specsavers Stores world wide. This particular frame is one of my favorites (and certainly my mums as well) and is great for adding a tint to ().


So, Im not the only one in my family getting excited about fashion stuff and my mum - Carina- is having a specswardrobe of her own. Her disappointment after she was adviced getting varifocals very soon disappeared once she realized it meant she could go shopping for new pairs of glasses!

I think she look fabulous in this snazzy pair from Osiris () while visiting me here in Melbourne.

Wednesday, March 10


Red or Dead; The Snake (25056310) and the Leopard (25054798).

The fashion world has taken us on Safari's again and again with dead hot Animal prints and patterns... every new comeback have included the same prints that brings your look into the deepest jungle with just a slightly different execution from time to time.

This time they are right in your face, impossible to miss, as the most noticable fashion accessory of them all has gone Animalistic a'la Maximalistic. Red or dead's new eyewear collection contains two of the most spectacular frames with snake and leopard printed temples, guaranteed to be noticed. Ladies and gent's, these specs are not for wimps. If you wanna make a daring, wild fashion statement - get them. Now. Available at Specsavers worldwide!

Tuesday, March 9


Think Old-school Movie stars. The Hitchcock Secretary, Librarian or Partner in Crime. Or, think about your old grandpa’s classic pair of glasses that are so big so they are impossible to miss when misplaced. Yup, that's it!

In the world of art, culture and fashion, as much as we like the new stuff, we love looking back. Old trends that got so worn out that we never thought we’d see them again most certainly makes an appearance in the lime light again.

And so it is for the big trend that has been sneaking around for awhile and now is very prominent on the trendy folk’s noses: The retro styled frame. Get the look with these cool Geek Chic styles. From above: Amsterdam (25056969 and 25056952) or Buck (21063633) and Colum (24314244).


Ligier, wearing Buck (21063633) - AUS $59 / NZ $79)

FRAMED... PATTY... IN fcuk!

Patty wearing new fcuk 72 (25050073) in black and logo in silver studs on the temples.


Check out the latest fcuk collection, now available in all Specsavers stores in AUS and NZ. Get 2 pairs for one low price (AUS $199 / NZ $249).

Frames above: fcuk 71 (25050080 and 25050073) and fcuk 75 (25051391 and 25050127).

Friday, March 5


Get ready for the festive occasions and make sure you've got a matching pair of glasses to go with your stylish frock. Patty is wearing Black and White Bonamy (25050202) together with her dress in the same colours. I like!


Check out the fun and playful Mr Men collection for the young specs wearers. Look out for the detailed temples decorated with Mr Bump, Mr Tickle and Little Miss. 2 pairs from AUD $199 / NZ $249.


Don't miss the Karen Millen Eyewear Collection, sold exclusively at Specsavers in Australia and New Zealand. Fabulous, delicate styles for the sophisticated, ultra feminine look. 2 Pairs from AUD $199 / NZ $249.