Tuesday, March 9


Think Old-school Movie stars. The Hitchcock Secretary, Librarian or Partner in Crime. Or, think about your old grandpa’s classic pair of glasses that are so big so they are impossible to miss when misplaced. Yup, that's it!

In the world of art, culture and fashion, as much as we like the new stuff, we love looking back. Old trends that got so worn out that we never thought we’d see them again most certainly makes an appearance in the lime light again.

And so it is for the big trend that has been sneaking around for awhile and now is very prominent on the trendy folk’s noses: The retro styled frame. Get the look with these cool Geek Chic styles. From above: Amsterdam (25056969 and 25056952) or Buck (21063633) and Colum (24314244).

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