Friday, September 30


Going to the races this spring? Have you got your outfit ready yet? Make sure you include your glasses into the planning as there are great opportunities to mix and match with make-up, dress, scarve, fascinator, shoes... And, as we are all hoping to sun will shine on us, why not get transition lenses in your glasses. Turns them into sunnies as soon as the light hits your face! Happy race planning!

Heather in gorgeous blue/green fascinator, eye makeup and glasses with darker blue on the outside and turquoise layered acetate on the inside.

Thursday, September 22


Spice it up with colour this spring with glasses in vibrating tones of red, purple, pink and a flash of orange. Match with other accessories or your outfit and you will most certainly make a real style statement. Divya is looking gorgeous in the red "Pineapple", the pinki "Alex Perry 06", purple "Alex Perry 03" and "Country Road 04".

Tuesday, September 20


Everybody, check out the new frame named after the fabulous city of Melbourne. It's confident, charming and very cosmopolitan. With influences from important previous decades of style in a contemporary shape. Out now in all Specsavers stores across Australia & New Zealand. Kat is looking beautiful in them, and she is also a real Melbourne girl:-)

Tuesday, September 13

A fashion accessory - or an evil necessity?

Findings from a recent study shows that over 80% of American specswearers view glasses as a medical necessity rather than a fashion accessory. Now that is depressing... no wonder that those fabulous people sporting amazing style and fashion sense in a cool pair of glasses stand out from the crowd. Let's take today to celebrate style and those many stylish Aussies and Kiwis... and fellow Scandinavians (yes, I do feel that Swedes and Danes in particular are very stylish people - glasses are a true fashion accessory back home) that look fabulous in their eyewear!

(As an example of style, beautiful Sally above in the retro look wearing the frames "Grenville" in bold tortoise shell and "Osiris" in crystal acetate.)