Monday, June 20


Lovely Kendyl wearing 60s style Osiris in Two-tone acetate. Comes in Black / crystal and brown / gold.

Friday, June 10


On Tuesday I went up to Sydney for a media event to launch the latest research findings on deteriorating eyesight and talk about glasses as a way to express your personality and build an individual look. This is when I met Jenny Kee for the first time, as she was there to share her amazing story and anecdotes from back in time in the 60s swinging London when she made her red cats eye glasses her style signature. What an amazing person she is, completely filled with goodness and positive energy and creativity. We bonded over the love of scarves - and glasses - and how fantastic it is to see people who is confident in their own style and just go for it wholeheartedly rather than being slaves of the latest trends.

Also, thanks to all the lovely girls who came to the event and tried on loads of glasses - hope you found inspiration for both your readers and yourselves:)

I wish that everyone would discover the fun and the opportunities that comes with wearing glasses as an accessory rather than a necessity... Dare to experiment a little with colours, shapes and styles to mix and match with other accessories and outfits and after mood and occations. Jenny's signature is the red and bold - what is yours?

I felt so happy and uplifted after spending time with Jenny - it felt like my soul had a very healthy facelift:-) xxx

Wednesday, June 8


In a campaign to encourage mature women (and men) to wear glasses as an accessory rather than as a necessity, the fabulous Jenny Kee is inspiring us to experiment with colours and shapes to find our own, personal signature style.

She says: "Don't be a slave to trends, some shapes and colours won't suit you. Instead, experiment with different options to see what best fits your own features and complexion".

This is something that Jenny herself has mastered with her fiery red colour as signature with red glasses, lipstick and accessories (such as her newly released collection of silk scarves in all shades of red, pink and orange).

She continues: "The greatest gift of the mature woman is being clear about who she is and what she likes. Make sure everthing you wear has a flavour of who you are".

The reason for campaigning about the style opportunities with glasses is that a recent survey commissioned by Specsavers shows that deteriorating eyesight is one of the biggest frustrations of getting older. Almost one quarter (23%) of Australians aged over 45 don't wear glasses, even though they need them, simply because it makes them feel old and ugly.

Jenny says she has over the years been encouraging her friends to be proud spec wearers and to select glasses that makes a fashion statement and express their personality. And unlike other celebrities, Jenny actually takes her glasses off when she wants to keep a low profile (whilst others would hide behind large sunglasses) as her own glasses has become such an important part of her appearance.

To help you on the way with finding your own signature style, here are some of Jenny Kee's hottest tips to success:

Be yourself: The greatest fashion gift of the mature woman is being clear about who she is and what she likes. Make sure everything you wear has a flavour of who you are.

Enjoy freedom: Don’t be a slave to trends, some shapes and colours will not suit you. Experiment with different options to see what best fits your shape and colouring.

Keep a balance: Embrace your individual flair, but utilise basics so as to not over do a specific look.

Stay current: Dressing age appropriate does not mean old. Be inspired by new styles and fashion movements. Don’t be afraid to change or re-invent your look.

Face first: When it comes to style, your face should come first. Focus on your hair and your glasses and everything else will fall into place.

* The research was conducted by Galaxy on behalf of Specsavers in April 2011, involving a representative sample of over 1020 respondents aged 45-69 years old.

Friday, June 3


My darlings, Rachael & Kendyl, looking gorgeous in their new retro specs a'la 60s. Moss green, translucent acetate and tortoise shell temples from Jasper Conran and two-tone acetate from Osiris.

Wednesday, June 1


This is Chris through the years, long before I knew him... in different outfits, hair styles and looks.... I think the look today (below) is much more balanced and natural but I do dig the groovy hair styles above:-)

Wanna have an impressive image portfolio of yourself? Yearbook yourself and see what you could have looked like through the decades. You will need a photo of yourself with a good angle and not too much hair covering your face...

O, and this is me by the way...