Monday, March 29


Lately I've started to open my eyes and ears up a bit more for Lady GaGa. She is really a creative genius. Fabulous outfits, music videos and exciting new tunes. House of GaGa also seem to be pretty ahead in signing up new, up and coming artists as well which is pretty interesting. When I got given tickets to her Tuesday Melbourne show the other week I went there with excitement and thrill. I left with a truly, madly and deeply fascination for and admire of this singing / dancing / writing / performing / creating / entertaining 23-year old. I was completely blown away. What a show, what a spectacle!

Also thought I'd share with you some of the great eyewear spotted in a few of her many different costumes. How about the upgrade of the famous "Swarovsky shutter shade" especially designed for Kanye West by Alain Mikli: In deep purple, completely covered of sparkles and an exact match with the jumpsuit. I wonder how well she could see through them though.... Same goes for the fabulous creation - spider style - that I would looove to see in the next batman film. (if there is one...)

The only think missing to complete this "top to toe leopard costume" is a pair of leopard print frames... Like the ones from Red or dead!

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