Friday, October 21


Just had lunch @ The Pier, Port Melbourne, with the lovely Josh Steele - Kiwi winner of 2011's Spectacle Wearer of the Year to start of his Melbourne Weekend prize of races, shopping and fun.

So nice to see you again Josh and have a brilliant weekend! xxx

Ps. If you are wondering why my eyes look so small and puffy, it's because not only spring has arrived in Melbourne but also the lovely, wonderfully pleasant pollen!!! I am about to scratch my eyes out, it is HORRIBLE. I just want to cry... so, a little but of advice for those of you in the same situation like me: Wear your glasses instead of Contact Lenses! And if the sun comes out, why don't you get a tint or transition lenses in your prescription glasses to still look snazzy under the sun and in a cloud of pollen... there are plenty of frames also suitable as sunglasses...

Ps 2. Josh is wearing his new Grenville glasses and I am in my black GW 02.

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