Sunday, April 3


I went from blond to brown - and short to long... in just a snap:-)

Had a looong girly Saturday with lot's of shopping and brunch and lunch and coffeas and more shopping and fun. All in the mood, we past the wig shop on Chapel st and went in to try - just for fun. There were wigs all over the place, on and off 5 giggly girls heads. However, Gemma and Me looked quite cool in our 60 cm long wigs so we ended up not only buying them but also wearing them for the rest of the day. Ha ha (Its scary, it does make you feel like a completely different person... )

So, the beautiful dinner at Ichi Ni was enjoyed inside a looong, dark, shiny "I have grown it all my life" wig. I must say, Gemma looked stunning in her ginger curly one. And the glasses:-)

...And this is when it all started. I think even the ladies in the wig shop was surprised we got them in the end:-)

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