Tuesday, April 19


I just have to share with you all that I got soooo inspired the last two nights while watching the series Paper Giants - the birth of Cleo - at ABC. It not only gave me a huge desire to travel back in time to the seventies and frock up in all of these A-MA-ZING outfits; enjoy an era of change and optimism and revolutionize a little bit - it also gave me a fantastic insight to the Australian media history (being fairly new to this country and all..:-). I mean, what an extraordinary story, extraordinary people and even more extraordinarily exciting opportunities and battles between the media dynasty's.. And wow, Ita Buttrose - I am soo super impressed. What an extraordinary woman. I want to be like her. As you can probably read between the lines... I am quite overwhelmed and filled with inspiration. 5 stars from me to the production, the styling and especially Asher Keddie who gave an amazing portrait of Ita.

Ps. Also, a little cute thing... the sweet lady next to Asher / Ita in the photo above (can't remember the name of the character) - anyway, she looks just like my little mum looked in the seventies... Mamma - kan du inte skicka mig en bild pa lilla sota dig nar du hade luggen. Sa himlans gulligt och jag saknade dig extra mycket framfor TVn.... stor kraaaam

Anyway - a little treat for the day, as I've given it a 70s theme... classic 70s styled sunnies:

Sunglasses (Sun RX suitable for prescription lenses) from Specsavers.

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