Tuesday, October 4


So, watched the x-factor last night and usually I just adore Ronan for everything he says and his attitude towards the contestants but last night he kinda gave the impression that one of the finalists should perhaps ditch his glasses... It was when Declan Sykes did his (A-MAZING) performance of David Bowies "Life on Mars", without his glasses on, that Ronan gave him praise for taking them off. I do agree that Declans styling was absolutely awesome, in a sleek hair look a'la "Bowie", and he is a real chameleon as he can change his look so drastically depending on the performance.

However, my thinking is that glasses can really help emphasize a certain look or style and if the most authentic look was best accomplished without glasses for this particular occasion, so be it, but next time they might well give the right x-factor! I do like Declan when he is wearing his black frames but perhaps next time a different colour, or style of glasses (instead of ditching them completely) will give Ronan a reason for praise again?



  1. The judges on Xfactor are getting to personal i thought the show was about talent

  2. declan is the most awesome guy eva! he should have won 4 sure