Monday, October 3


Found this amazing style space in Britomart during my last weekend in Auckland;
New Zealand Fashion Museum. Fabulous!
The space showcased the various black's in fashion - and Im not talking about The All Blacks now... or am I? The exhibition seem to investigate - or highlight - the possibility that the colour black goes beyond fashion for New Zealanders, a symbol of the pride of the nation. As I'm not a well educated sportsgirl, I did a little search on Wikipedia and found that "the New Zealand men's national rugby union team's early uniforms consisted of a black jersey with a silver fern and white knickerbockers. By their 1905 tour New Zealand were wearing all black, except for the silver fern, and their All Black name dates from this time." So it almost sounds like a coincidence or perhaps a subconscious liking of the colour black among the early team members? :-)

Wherever the truth lies, the exhibition was enjoyable and included costumes from the early 1900s, when the colour black was the thing to wear when mourning someone lost - with a whole set of rules to go with it - to the LBD for various formal, fashionable occasions in the later 1900s.

Ps. Despite my lack of knowledge and enthusiasm for sport, we did enjoy a beautiful meal at Kermadec while watching the All Blacks on the big screen, beating France - and I was immensely impressed with the Haka:)

Here's my favorite little black ones to complete the look....

Stack of sparkling little black frames from Alex Perry; from top, AP 07, AP 10, Ap 09.

AP 06 in a gorgeous feminine shape and black onyx imitations on the sides.

Retro style in two-tone acetate in crystal and black. Osiris A 08

One of my favorites, Red or Dead 63...

Black on the outside, black tortoiseshell on the inside; "Mitch" by Specsavers

Great sun frame in black with white edges... (25179552)

Perfect black sunnies, double bridge and bold shape. As worn by Alex perry in the TV ad for Specsavers... (25179576)

... and last but not least, "Lee" in retro style with visible pins, keyhole bridge and rounder shape.

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