Monday, April 12


The actual way of storing my glasses has changed over the years; from using boxes and the “Billy” book shelve from my fellow country shop – IKEA – to a proper frame display I got from a friend and optometrist back home in Sweden. With a big wardrobe you never travel light and when I moved over to Melbourne some of my glasses (amongst all) had to be left behind. But – I’ve got all of my favourites with me.

Do it yourself!

Here, as you can see, I’ve used an old and beautiful picture frame bought in one of Melbourne’s Op-shops to build my new, Australian wardrobe. I took the back piece off, put hooks on the back side of the frame to tie the horizontal string where my frames are hanging. As a decorative background, I placed two colourful sheets of wrapping paper. Voila – the frames have been framed....! Easy Peasy!

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