Monday, April 12


Thanks Emma Vandenberg for making this fabulous art of me and my specs.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve enjoyed experimenting with clothes, jewellery and accessories. From remaking my mum’s wedding dress into a cocktail dress (!!) to revelling among the treasures in second hand shops and grandma’s massive wardrobe, I’ve always enjoyed the fun of expressing myself through different outfits. When I was in the sixth grade I got glasses. Unlike my friends in a similar situation, I was thrilled - yet another accessory to play with! So, my slight obsession for glasses was there way before I started working for Specsavers six years ago - but it did mean a great environment for a specs-o-holic like me. Over the years I’ve build an impressive specs-wardrobe containing favourites over time, trends that have come and gone as well as some real classics.

I see my glasses as an obvious part of my wardrobe and it’s really fabulous seeing so many inspiring people on the streets, making their specs their personal signature. Therefore I also love sharing with you, photos of all lovely specs-wearers I’ve managed to frame in the office, on the street, in the crowds...

Psst. Much welcome to send photos of yourself wearing your favourite pairs....

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