Saturday, November 19


Rain, rain, rain today in Melbourne. There is only one occasion when I am not comfortable in my glasses and that is when it's raining, and you constantly have to wipe of little drops from your lenses. So, I always keep a good lens cloth in my bag - and a great umbrella... here are some of my favorites, from Willian & Co available at Fulton - I just adore the patterns.

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These are great because you can cover your whole face when the rain is approaching sideways. Just look at HRH, the Queen, how she seem to have a whole wardrobe of them, matching with every outfit... Isn't the Birdcage Umbrella by Lulu Guinness adorable?

There are also other prints available, below from Van Gogh (Irises) and an artprint "Raining in Paris" - and you can even make your own print. So many choices... today I have to satisfy myself by staying inside, Just heading out to meet some girls at Chez Dre to plan their travel tour in Europe.

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