Saturday, March 5


MIDO press photos

Hello everyone!

After a very nice, but quick, stop in Gothenburg I have now landed in Milano. It is exactly two years since last time so great to be back, although it is rather cold this time... I speak no Italiano but can very much read the italian linguaggio del corpo so getting around isn't that difficult:-)

I have two days of doing MIDO (the big European optical fair) with Specsavers buying team as well as checking out the latest in eyewear fashion. Unfortunately I have forgotten the cord to my camera (!!!) and have very little time before I have to go to my next destination so will have to share pic's and insights with you in a few days. But I promise it will be worth it.. I have already found loads of very stylish people wearing super cool glasses that I have photographed so that I can show you how many style impressions you can bring with you from this place.

I can also tell you that I am doing a very good job combining business with pleasure... well, maybe not so much "pleasure" when it comes to the endless walking you have to do (this place is MASSIVE and there are so many halls to get through...sore feet) but at least it means I get some exercise. Which works very nicely in combination with the pleasure-part in my statement.... PASTA! OMG... I feel like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. Only thing is that I have not had time to buy new, bigger pair of jeans but in the meantime, tights are working perfectly:-)


P xx

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