Thursday, December 2


Photography by Justin Ridler

Neighbours starlet Margot Robbie smouldered in a scorching hot photo shoot for Specsavers this year. The shoot was part of the launch of the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition and was a world away from Margot’s girl-next-door character Donna on the international hit soap opera.

Head of PR at Specsavers, Heather Potter, says “We wanted to show people a side of Margot they’d never seen before and demonstrate that glasses can be a fantastic fashion accessory and also downright sexy. Margot looked absolutely incredible in specs and no doubt she’ll inspire others to do so too”.

“A lot of people who saw the photos didn’t even recognise Margot at first. She looked so different in our fashion shoot compared with the natural, fresh-faced beauty she plays on Neighbours.”

Margot said wearing glasses gave her a chance to be a style chameleon.

“I wear mine purely for aesthetics because I like the way they spice up an outfit and transform my look. I’m definitely not alone in realising the fashion potential of specs.”

I couldn’t agree more – I think she look drop dead gorgeous!

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