Thursday, September 9


When it comes to wearing glasses to the party, to a date or even if you’re a TV presenter, more and more wearers tend to keep them on nowadays. This is a crystal clear trend and a great development, seeing that glasses have massively increased their fashion credentials, especially over the past few years. Of course, there are situations when glasses are not that practical; during swimming and other kind of sporting activities.There is also a very special occasion, when accessories, clothes, shoes and jewellery are so carefully chosen, only the absolute best of the best make it to the lime light; your wedding!

You hear these ancient stories about brides walking down the aisle with guests, priest and groom in a blurry mess, just because they didn’t want their glasses to cover their eyes during this big moment. Today though, technology has given us much better contact lenses that suit more and more people, and at least the blurry moments can be avoided. But are glasses really a mis-fit to your bride or groom’s outfit? What do you think? I guess the second big question to pop is; glasses - on or off?

Just to build on the theme; im now OFF to Europe and Sweden in particular to.... get wedded! Are you gonna ask me the question? Well, I won't tell you until Im back so stay tuned!

Patty below from the photoshoot for the wedding article of In the Frame!

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