Thursday, July 22


I would love to see some statistics on people wearing specs in Hong Kong because, quite frankly, every 8 out of 10 people I bump into on the streets are wearing really cool, bold specs (my own statistics). I've always said that if you want to see real enthusiasm to eyewear you've gotta go to either Milan or Paris. But, this cosmopolitan, dazzling place takes being adventurous in their visual expressions to a whole new level - and especially the men. Like these two above!

Unfortunately I've had a smaller disaster with the photos I took from the streets of Hong Kong - don't even want to go into it as it's still making my female hysteria bubble in me but I can tell you that since then I have been shopping for a brand new beautiful camera (Nikon). Sorry to you stunning people who won't appear here this time - but will for sure look out for you again next time Im back.

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