Monday, May 10


As the latest research shows, Aussie men are putting their eyesight at risk by avoiding regular eye tests, with one in ten males admitting they have never been to an optometrist. Tradesmen and men who work outdoors are the worst offenders, with almost half (47%) not following the recommendations.

And the reason for it? Vanity.

According to the poll, 13 per cent of men had avoided the optometrist because they were afraid they would be told they needed glasses...

First of all, by finding the right frame, glasses can help enhance your personal style, they can add character to one’s look and complete the outfit. Secondly, as men don’t have too many accessories to add, glasses are the perfect addition! Guys, get over your fear and start to accessorize! If you haven't already discovered the most noticeable accessory of them all, it's time now because glasses are hot. And there are plenty of cool ones out there.

*The findings of the The Specsavers Eye Health survey are based on responses from 609 males aged 18-64 nationally and was conducted online in March 2010 by Newspoll.

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