Tuesday, May 25


James Frangos Framed in his fabulous clothing boutique in Daylesford (VIC). Wearing his tortoiseshell Giorgio Armani glasses.

Under the creative Frangos family's decadent umbrella of soulfulness called FRANGOS & FRANGOS is also a spa, a cafe and a top quality restaurant (which I enjoyed very much). Beautiful local food and wine. And very soon they will also open their hotel with 15 individually designed rooms... how exciting.

Definately recommend a visit! Just read these words from their website....

"Built with the philosophy of harmony and perfection in mind,
this ever evolving labour of love has taken form over the past
decade and represents a collection of food, fashion, luxury
and passion as creative and vibrant as the designers themselves"

Oh... and the rest of Daylesford was nice too:-)

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